Dear Customers,

due to the usually individual design of our cakes, it is only possible to make a definite offer for a price after we have discussed your cake.The total price is dependant on the size and decoration of your cake, as well as the discussed delivery and packaging. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you very much! For orientation purposes, following are listed some basic prices, all incl. VAT:

Individual Occasion Cakes, decorated 8cm high

ø15cm, 10 servings from 80,-€
ø20cm, 18 servings from 125,-€
ø25cm, 25-30 servings from 175,-€
DIN A5, 7cm high, 15 servings from 125,-€
DIN A4, 7cm high, 30 servings from 190,-€

Gift box cake with bow: 15x15cm/ 8cm high, 12 servings from 115,-€
Gift box cake with bow: 20x20cm/ 7cm high, 20 servings from 160,-€

Logo and Businesscakes (party servings 4x4x7cm)


30cmx25cm / 45 party servings from 180,-€
40cmx30cm / 75 party servings from 290,-€
56cmx38cm / 120 party servings from 420.-€
70cmx50cm / 200 party servings from 590,-€

Wedding Cakes:


2-tiered: 25 servings from 190,-€
2-tiered: 40 servings from 280,-€
3-tiered: 30 servings from 225,-€
3-tiered: 50 servings from 350,-€
3-tiered: 70 servings from 455.-€
4-tiered: 55 servings from 385,-€
4-tiered: 80 servings from 520,-€
4-tiered: 110 servings from 600,-€
5-tiered: 85 servings from 560,-€
5-tiered: 120 servings from 660,-€
5-tiered: 180 servings from 810,-€
6-tiered: 190 servings from 855,-€


Schultorten4,00€ to 4,80 per Petit Four



ø 6cm without decor from 3,90,-€
ø 3,5cm without decor from 2,50,-€

Heartshaped Cookies with Names (8cm diameter):

ø 8cm hearts, individually decorated, 4,00 €


Within Hamburgs inner city circle 35,-€ until 6pm. Later delivery possible with an extra charge. Otherwise we charge 1,10€ per Kilometer.


Once your chosen Cake is officially ordered, we charge a deposit of 50,-€ which will be deducted from the invoice of the order.